AMP Tactical Foregrip with Ergonomic Finger Grooves & Removable Core

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AMP Tactical Foregrip with Ergonomic Finger Grooves & Removable Core

AMP Tactical Foregrip (Removable Core)

A vertical foregrip is usually used on assault rifles in order to allow you to stabilize the weight of the gun with greater leverage and also to reduce recoil when you are firing. For airsoft guns it is quite similar as it will allow for better comfort when moving in on a position or an enemy. The AMP Tactical vertical foregrip allows for better weight distribution and is built from very durable ABS plastic construction and has Ergonomic grooves molded into the grip for even more comfort. You can also remove the side panels to install a wire pressure switch. You can also remove the core to store a battery. This is a great airsoft accessory to use weather you are on or off the field. For even more stability look into Bi-Pods.


-Features removable side panels for installing a wire pressure switch

-Removable Core for battery storage

-Ergonomic molded finger grips

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