ANM Custom Full Metal Diablo M4 CQB RIS Lipo Ready Airsoft Gun AEG


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ANM Custom Full Metal Diablo M4 CQB RIS Lipo Ready Airsoft Gun AEG

ANM Custom Full Metal Diablo M4 CQB RIS Lipo Ready Airsoft Gun AEG

The ANM Custom Diablo is a unique, one of a kind, custom-made AEG. Built from the ground up with high quality parts from reputable brands like G&P, Madbull Airsoft and SHS the Grim Reaper is designed to produce an exceptionally solid out of the box performance. This ANM Custom started off as a robust G&P 8mm bearing gearbox and metal body that has been customized and finely tuned by our techs for increased performance, long term reliability and improved ergonomics.

The ANM Custom Diablo is designed to dominate CQB fields. The G&P metal body is extremely durable and serves as an excellent base for this custom airsoft gun. The main feature of the Diablo is its ultra compact size. Measuring just a bit over 26", with the stock fully extended, this airsoft gun is extremely small and very lightweight. The Daniel Defense 4" AR15 RIS Kit by Madbull gives the front of the gun a unique profile, as well as a solid rail system to mount aftermarket accessories like flashlights, lasers and grips. A Noveske KX3 Flaming Hog Amplifier by Madbull ties off the fore end section of the rifle giving Diablo a very distinct and loud report when firing. Along the top of the Diablo's monolithic top rail, we added an NcSTAR 4 Reticle Reflex Sight, which allows for rapid target acquisition making the ideal choice for a CQB gun. The AMP Micro Red Dot also comes with a mesh lens cover that will protect the lens from BB impacts. The trigger guard was replaced with a Angel Custom trigger guard that provides the operator with a finger rest when not actively engaging other players. Finally, a Madbull Licensed ACE SOCOM Skeleton Stock was added to provide a solid, yet very lightweight, platform when shouldering the gun.

Internally, the techs started off with the robust and reliable G&P Full Metal 8mm Version 2 Gearbox as the base. The stock piston was replaced with a Bravo Extreme Toughness Polycarb Piston and Modify Piston Head with Thrust Bearing for improved durability, performance and air compression. The gears and motor were replaced with the SHS 13:1 Gear Set and a SHS High Torque Motor, respectfully. Coupled with the included Echo 1 11.1V 1100mAH Lipo Battery, the Diablo clocks in at 340 FPS with a rate of fire around 30 rounds per second making this AEG perfect for CQB fields.


- Airsoft N More Custom Airsoft Gun

- Velocity: 340-350 FPS with .20g BBs

- Rate of Fire: ~30 rps with an 11.1v Lipo

- Overall Length (extended): 26.50" / 67.31 cm

- Overall Length (retracted): 24.75" / 62.86 cm

- Weight: 6.10 lbs / 2766.91 g

- Adjustable hop up system

- Quad rail system for additional tactical accessories

- Railed upper receiver for scopes and optics

- Upgraded to have a high rate of fire

- Wired to deans plugs for improved performance

- Extremely small design is perfect for CQB

- Skeleton stock can be adjusted for length of pull

- Stock provides a comfortable cheek rest when shooting

- Battery is rear wired, perfect for small size LIPO batteries

- Wired to deans plugs for better energy efficiency


External Parts:

- G&P Full Metal M4 / M16 Receiver

- Madbull Noveske KX3 Flaming Hog Sound Amplifier

- Madbull Daniel Defense 4" AR15 RIS Kit

- Angel Customs Enlarged Trigger Guard

- NcSTAR 4 Reticle Reflex Sight

- Madbull ACE SOCOM Skeleton Stock

Internal Parts:

- Full Metal Version 2 Gearbox

- Lancer Tactical SHS 13:1 Gear Set

- Lancer Tactical SHS High Torque Motor

- Element Polycarb 1-piece Hop Up Unit

- JBU Hop Up Bucking

- Bravo Extreme Toughness Polycarb Piston

- Modify Polycarb Piston Head with Thrust Bearing

- Corrected AOE and shimming

Package Includes:

- ANM Custom Diablo M4 CQB RIS

- NcSTAR 36" PVC Rifle Case

- NcSTAR 4 Reticle Reflex Sight

- Echo 1 11.1V 1100mAH LIPO Battery & smart charger

- 1x G&G GR16 120 round mid-cap magazine

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