ANM Custom NOVA M4 CQB RIS Lipo Ready Airsoft Gun AEG


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ANM Custom NOVA M4 CQB RIS Lipo Ready Airsoft Gun AEG

ANM Custom NOVA M4 CQB RIS Lipo Ready Airsoft Gun AEG

The ANM Customs are one of a kind, custom-built airsoft guns that are designed to give players a high quality, high performance AEG. Our line of airsoft guns are built-in house by experienced technicians. These are made to be extremely durable, preform reliably and offer exceptional performance. Our ANM Customs are also an all-in-one package deal to get any airsoft operator ready for a game. All ANM Customs will not only come with a custom made and finely tuned airsoft rifle, but they will also come with a quality 11.1v LIPO battery, LIPO charger and a rifle case and are backed by a 90 day in-store warranty.

The ANM Custom NOVA is designed to dominate CQB fields and MOUT sites due to its compact size and moderately high rate of fire. Starting off as a G&G Combat Machine Raider, which are already known to be excellent contenders for the entry to intermediate players. The reinforced polymer body of the Raider makes for a lightweight, yet durable, base for the build. We added a Gemtech T2 rail system kit and a Gemtech Blackside Barrel Extension to give the gun a more rock solid forend and shorter overall size. The T2 rail system provides operators the bolt extra tactical accessories like lights, lasers and grips - like the Magpul USA RVG. The rail system creates a continuous top rail for any scopes and optics. As such, we added the NcSTAR Rouge Multi-Reticle Reflex Sight for rapid target acquisition. As it provides a wide field of view, when aiming down the sights, it is ideal for CQB fields as it retains the operator's peripheral vision and preservers their situational awareness. Finally, a Madbull Licensed ACE Skeleton Stock was added to provide a solid, yet very lightweight and comfortable, platform when shouldering the gun.

Internally, while G&G's gearboxes are very solid and offer excellent out of the box performance, we made some modifications to boost the performance of the gun. The stock piston was replaced with an SHS Reinforce Polycarb Piston and a Bravo Silent Piston Head. The SHS piston features steel teeth for enhanced durability and longevity when using a LIPO battery. The G&G gears that were used in the base gun were well made and high quality. They were re-shimmed and an SHS Sector Gear Delayer Clip was installed for a smoother operation and more reliable feeding. The motor was replaced for an SHS High Speed Motor for an added boost in rate of fire. Modify's Silver Plated Low Resistance Wiring and T Deans Connectors were used to make the NOVA more battery efficient and perform better with higher power batteries. Coupled with the included 11.1V 1100mAH LIPO Battery, the ANM NOVA clocks in around 330-340 FPS with .20g BBs and has a rate of fire of 30-35 rounds a second - perfect for dominating any CQB field.


- Airsoft N More Custom Airsoft Gun

- Velocity: 330-340 FPS with .20g BBs

- Rate of Fire: ~30-35 rps with an 11.1v Lipo

- Overall Length: 26.75" / 67.95 cm

- Weight: 5.6 lbs / 2.50 kg

- Adjustable hop up system

- Quad rail system for additional tactical accessories

- Continous top rail for an size scopes and optics

- Upgraded to have a high rate of fire

- Compact size is perfect for CQB

- Skeleton stock can be adjusted for length of pull

- Stock provides a comfortable cheek rest when shooting

- Battery is rear wired, perfect for small size LIPO batteries

- Wired to deans plugs for better energy efficiency

- Battery, charger and gun bag are included


External Parts:

- G&G Combat Machine Raider Polymer Body - Tan

- Madbull Gemtech Blackside Mock Suppressor - Tan

- Madbull Gemtech T2 7" Handguard Rail System

- Magpul USA RVG - Dark Earth

- Magpul USA Ladder Rail Covers - Dark Earth

- G&G 300rd GMAG M4 Hi-Cap Magazine

- NcSTAR Rouge Multi-Reticle Reflex Sight

- Madbull ACE Skeleton Stock - Small

Internal Parts:

- G&G Version 2 Gearbox Shell

- G&G Steel Gear Set

- G&G Hop-up Unit and Bucking

- SHS Sector Gear Delayer Clip

- SHS High Speed Motor

- SHS Reinforce Full Metal Tooth Polycarb Piston

- SHS Cylinder Head

- Modify Version 2 Tappet Plate

- Madbull 6.01 x 363mm Tight Bore Inner Barrel

- Bravo Polycarb Silent Piston Head

- Modify Low Resistance Silver Wiring

- Wired to deans connectors

- Corrected AOE and shimming

Package Includes:

- ANM Custom NOVA Airsoft Gun

- NcSTAR 36" PVC Rifle Case

- NcSTAR Rouge Reflex Sight

- Echo 1 11.1V 1100mAH LIPO Battery & smart charger

- 1x G&G GMAG 300rd hi-cap magazine

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