ANM Custom Sportline Magpul M4 Airsoft Gun Lipo Ready AEG - Tan


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ANM Custom Sportline Magpul M4 Airsoft Gun Lipo Ready AEG - Tan

ANM Custom Sportline Magpul M4 Airsoft Gun Lipo Ready AEG

The ANM Custom Sporline Magpul M4 is a unique, one of a kind, custom-made airsoft gun. This ANM Custom started off as a standard, out-of-the box AEG that has been customized and finely tuned by our techs for increased performance, long term reliability and improved ergonomics.

Sporting a high quality polymer body and full metal gearbox, the Classic Army Sportline M15A4 provided us a very robust, yet lightweight, platform for this build. Starting from the front, we've replaced the original flash hider with a Madbull Gemtech Blackside Barrel Extension to cover up the longer inner barrel. From there, we added the Magpul PTS MOE Handguard. Not only is this handguard extremely durable, it is also very light and very ergonomic. The Magpul PTS AFG 2 makes holding the M4 a lot more comfortable and easier to control. The stock A2 pistol grip was swapped with the G&G Ergonomic Combat Grip. This makes holding the M4, even for long periods of time, extremely comfortable and less fatiguing. And finally, the Magpul PTS MOE Stock was added as it provided a more solid support when in use.

Internally, the Sportline Magpul M4 has been fine tuned and upgraded for unmatched performance. Using Classic Army's pre-upgraded Version 2 gearbox, our techs perfected the shimming and corrected the angle of engagement and added an ICS Polycarb Piston and Ball Bearing Piston Head to improve the gun's compression and rate of fire. A SHS High Torque Motor by Lancer Tactical was used to give the gun some extra power when firing. These internal adjustments and upgrades are designed to significantly boost the gun's long-term reliability and overall performance.


- Airsoft N More Custom Airsoft Gun

- Velocity: 375-385 FPS with .20g BBs

- Rate of Fire: ~20 rps with an 11.1v Lipo

- Overall Length (extended): 38.50" / 97.79 cm

- Overall Length (retracted): 34.50" / 87.63 cm

- Weight: 6.6 lbs / 2993.71 g

- Adjustable hop up system

- Removable carry handle

- Railed upper receiver for scopes and optics

- Upgraded to have a higher rate of fire

- Ambidextrous sling adapter

- Ergonomic pistol grip from G&G Armament

- Six position adjustable stock


External Parts:

- Classic Army Armalite Licensed Receiever

- Madbull Gemtech Blackside Airsoft Barrel Extension

- Magpul PTS MOE Handgaurd

- Magpul PTS AFG 2

- Magpul PTS MOE Trigger Guard

- G&G Armament Ergonomic Combat Grip

- Magpul PTS MOE Stock

Internal Parts:

- Classic Army Pre-Upgraded Metal Version 2 Gearbox

- SHS High Torque Motor by Lancer Tactical

- ICS POM Polycarb Piston w/ Silent Piston Head

- Corrected AOE and shimming

Package Includes:

- ANM Custom Sportline Magpul M4

- NcSTAR PVC Rifle Case

- Echo 1 11.1V 1100mAH LIPO Battery & smart charger

- 1x 300 round hi-cap magazine

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