ANM Tactical JUGGERNAUT Full Metal M4 RIS AEG Airsoft Gun Lipo Ready


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ANM Tactical Full Metal Field Warrior M4 RIS Lipo Read Airsoft Gun AEG

ANM Tactical Full Metal Field Warrior M4 RIS Lipo Read Airsoft Gun AEG

The ANM Tactical Slayer is a unique, one of a kind, custom-made airsoft gun. This ANM Tactical custom started off as a standard, out-of-the box AEG that has been customized and finely tuned by our techs for increased performance, long term reliability and improved ergonomics.

Sporting a high quality polymer body and full metal gearbox, the SRC M4 provided a very solid and reliable base of this build. The most distinct feature on this airsoft gun is the JBU 9.5" Barrel Extension. This is used to cover up the JBU 6.03x455mm Tight Bore Inner Barrel that dramatically improves the accracy and range of the Slayer. Our techs added the JG Carbine Length Free Float Rail System to give the operator an solid platform to mount any accessories - like the King Arms Tango Down Vertical Grip and the NcStar ATFLB Flashlight that are included with the gun. The NcStar 1x30 Low-Profile Reflex Sight is perfect for rapid target acquisition, very useful for CQB and Urban games. The sight is mounted on an NcStar Scope Riser Mount to give players the ability to clearly see through the optic while wearing a mask.

Internally, the Slayer has been fine tuned and upgraded for unparalleled performance. The full metal Version 2 gearbox provided an excellent base for range and rate of fire upgrades. After our techs perfected the shimming and corrected the angle of engagement and added an ICS Polycarb Piston and Ball Bearing Piston head to improve the gun's compression and rate of fire. These internal adjustments and upgrades are designed to significantly boost the gun's long-term reliablity and overall performance.


- Full metal construction

- Offically licensed by Smith & Wession

- 380-400 FPS with .20g BBs

- Full metal JG Extended Free Float Rail System

- Full metal Smith & Wesson M&P Outer Barrel

- Full metal JBU Aggressive M4 Flash Hider

- NcStar APRLSMG Rail Mounted Green Laser Sight

- ICS Foam Padded Aluminum forward vertical grip

- NcStar 4x32 P4 Sniper Scope

- King Arms Ehanced Mod M4 Carbine Stock


- Full Metal Version 2 Gearbox

- ICS Polycarb Half Steel Teeth Piston

- ICS Ball Bearing Piston Head

- JBU 6.03x455mm Tight Bore Inner Barrel

- 340-360 FPS with .20g BBs

- Rear wired gearbox

- Corrected AOE and shimming

Package Includes:

- ANM Tactical Slayer M4 RIS AEG Airsoft Gun

- NcStar Gun Bag

- Lipo Battery and Smart Charger

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