ANM Tactical The Executioner CQB Assault Rifle LiPo Ready Airsoft Gun


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ANM Tactical The Executioner CQB P90 Assault Rifle


  • NC Star 4 Reticle Reflex Sight (D4RGB)

  • JBU KURZ Suppressor

  • 300 Round Magazine

  • Intellect 11.1 volt 1600 mAH 20c lipo battery


  • ICS Polycarbonite half steel teeth Piston with Ball bearing piston head

  • ICS 350 fps Spring

  • Corrected AOE of the Sector gear and the first tooth of the piston. This evenly distributes the stress when the gearbox begins to cycle which extends the life of the gearbox and its components.

  • Corrected shimming that came from factory. Shimming is spacing the gears so they do not rub on each other when they spin. This decreases wear, allows the gearbox to run quieter and more efficient, reduces build up of heat, puts less strain on the motor, and finally increases rate of fire.

  • Corrected Gear timing to prevent double fire on Semi Auto when using a high voltage battery such as a lipo which is included with the gun.

ANM Tactical airsoft guns come with a 90 Day Warranty!

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