Bravo High Speed Tactical Airsoft PJ Helmet Set - ACU Digital


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Bravo High Speed Tactical Airsoft PJ Helmet Set - ACU Digital

Bravo High Speed Tactical Airsoft PJ Helmet

The Bravo High Speed Tactical PJ Helmets are excellent replicas of one of the latest and greatest piece of head gear avalible to the modern soldier. This style of helmets are light weight and can be easily configurable for different types of operations.

These replicas emulate its real counter-part almost to the key. Utilizing quality ABS polymer, these helmets are very light, but does not sacrifice quality or durablity. It features a unique "head-lock" system that uses a dial, located at the back of the helmet, to adjust the size of the inner head band to esnure a secure fit on the wearer's head. The helmets feature a night vision mount that is molded onto its shell and a set of adjustable rail connecton channels on the side for the addition of any flashlights, lasers or cameras.


- ABS construction is both light weight and durable

- Designed to be light weight and ventilate easily

- "Head-lock" system ensures secure fit on head

- 4-point adjustable chin strap

- Night vision mount for night vision devices, cameras, etc.

- Side rail channels for mounting of cameras, lights, etc.

- Velcro sections for attaching morale patches

Package Includes:

- Bravo High Speed Tactical Airsoft PJ Helmet

- Extra helmet pads

- 1x Picatinny rail mount

- 1x Wing-loc adapter mount

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