Classic Army ArmaLite AR10 DMR Sniper Rifle AEG Electric Airsoft Gun


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Classic Army ArmaLite AR10 DMR Sniper Rifle AEG Electric Airsoft Gun

Classic Army ArmaLite AR10 DMR Sniper Rifle AEG Electric Airsoft Gun

Classic Army is a brand known for making high quality AEGs with great external finish and solid internal performance. Their AR line is well known as possibly their best line of AEGs, and features a wide variety of guns. The AR10 is a rather unique addition; it is a 7.62x51mm variant of the AR weapons platform. Visually, the AR10 looks very similar to the KAC SR25 and XM110 sniper systems, the main visual difference being the large, rounded upper receiver, which is more akin to the upper receiver of a standard 5.56x45mm AR, rather than the angular upper of the KAC rifles. This type of weapon, also known as a battle rifle, is best suited to sniper/marksman applications, as its heavy caliber gives it extra range and stopping power.

CA did an excellent job with this replica, which is very faithful to the real thing. Featuring a full metal construction, the metals used are high quality and well finished. The pistol grip and stock are made from nylon-reinforced polymer, and is very high quality and feels nice to the touch. The full stock allows the use of massive large-type batteries, which will help boost your trigger response and ROF, as well as increase the battery life. As usual, the receiver features licensed ArmaLite trademarks, giving the replica a little more authenticity. The forearm is a 13” free float rail system, which not only looks good, but is extremely solid with zero wobble, and is great for mounting a bipod or any other accessories. Included with the RAS are three Tango Down style rail panels, including one with a cutout for a pressure switch. Included are adjustable flip-up front and rear sights, which fold out of the way for use with optics. Much attention to detail was paid in the design of this gun; a full length mock gas tube runs from the receiver, through the RAS, all the way to the gas block, which features an adjustable gas regulator, which on the real thing, optimizes the gas flow for use with a suppressor or without. While this has no effect on the airsoft version, it is a neat feature regardless and adds to the realism of this rifle. Pulling the charging handle retracts the mock bolt fully back, and locks it in place, making hop-up adjustment a breeze. Hitting the bolt catch will release the bolt forward with a satisfying clack.

Internally, this rifle boasts CA’s durable 7mm bearing gear box, and a CA high torque motor helps pull the powerful spring. Stock, it fires at around 420-440 FPS, and features both semiautomatic and full automatic fire modes. To make this AEG a true sniper or marksman’s rifle, especially if a higher FPS is desired, the rifle will have to be modified to fire semiautomatic only.

All Classic Army AEGs come with an extended 60 day manufacturer’s warranty.


-Full metal construction

-Nylon fiber reinforced polymer stock and handguard

-20” sniper barrel

-13” free float RAS

-Full stock allows use of large batteries

-Mock gas tube and adjustable gas block

-Functioning charging handle and bolt catch

-Adjustable hop-up

-Adjustable flip-up sights

-470rd high capacity magazine

-High FPS spring


-Length: 41”

-Height: 8” (sights folded)

-Weight: 8.16 lbs

-Inner barrel length: 510mm

-Velocity: 420-440 FPS with .20g BB

-Firing modes: semiautomatic, automatic

-Battery type: large

Package Includes:

-CA AR10

-1x 470rd high capacity magazine

-3x rail covers

-CA operator’s manual

-Cleaning/unjamming rod

-Warranty form

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