Classic Army LWRC Full Metal M6 Commando Assault Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun


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LWRC M6 Assault Rifle Premium Sportline

Classic Army LWRC M6 Premium Sportline

Classic Army has upgraded their popular Sportline series with the Premium Sportlines, which feature a high quality metal receiver, just like CA’s Proline series, but at a fraction of the cost!

Based on LWRC’s (and featuring licensed LWRC trademarks) 6.8mm M6 rifle, the CA M6 Sportline is a great looking alternative to all the standard M4s out there. Featuring a 10.5” CQB barrel, stylish slimmed-down handguard, and five position adjustable LE stock, and chopped-off LMT style rear sight, this gun is an excellent choice for CQB, but will also hold its own in field play. Aside from the front sight block, everything that would be metal on the real gun is metal on this gun, and the pistol grip, handguard, and stock are made from nylon fiber-reinforced polymer, ensuring its durability. Overall, the gun feels very solid, from the metal receiver to the handguard and barrel, which displays zero wobble, unlike Classic Army’s older AR replicas. The replica Tango Down Battlegrip is ergonomic and unique, compared to the standard AR pistol grip.

Aside from just looking great, the CA M6 Sportline is also a great performer, so you can be sure in your gun’s capabilities without having to shell out more for a more expensive replica. This weapon’s light weight and small, compact size and excellent maneuverability make it well suited for CQC engagements or for a lightweight high speed low drag loadout. An added plus is that this AEG can handle an 11.1v LiPo out of the box.

This weapon not only makes a good choice for the discerning new player or those working with a budget, but unwilling to give up the metal receiver, but also for players looking to stand apart from the more standard M4 variations out there. This gun just has a certain style to it.

All Classic Army AEGs feature a 60 day extended manufacturer’s warranty


-Metal receiver

-Plastic front sight block

-Licensed LWRC trademarks

-Cut-down LMT style metal rear sight

-Five position adjustable LE stock

-Tango Down Battlegrip style pistol grip

-Slimmed-down polymer handguard

-Nylon fiber-reinforced polymer furniture

-330rd metal high capacity magazine


-Length: 26.5”-29.75”

-Height: 9”

-Weight: 5.05 lbs

-Velocity: 380-400 FPS with .20g BB

Package Includes:

-CA LWRC M6 Premium Sportline

-1x spare metal flash hider

-1x high capacity magazine

-500 CA .20g BBs

-Cleaning/unjamming rod

-CA operator’s manual

-CA catalog

-3x shooting targets

-60 day warranty form

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