CLASSIC ARMY M15A4 Carbine Full Metal Blowback AEG Airsoft Gun

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CLASSIC ARMY M15A4 Carbine Full Metal Auto Blowback AEG Electric Airsoft Gun

Classic Army Full Metal M15A4 Carbine Auto Blowback

Classic Army is a well-known Hong Kong-based retailer known for their solid, well-put together guns. Their M15 series is known as their most well-built and reliable series, and it’s not hard to see why.

Based on ArmaLite’s version of the venerable AR15 weapon platform, and featuring accurate, licensed ArmaLite trademarks, this gun replicates the standard M4A1 carbine used by the US military today. The 14.5” carbine barrel is not too long, and not too short, allowing it to be effective in both field and CQB scenarios. The adjustable, six-position LE stock allows the weapon’s length-of-pull to be adjusted so it is comfortable for shooters of any size to operate, and is made from extremely durable nylon-reinforced composite material, similar to the real thing. Since this replica uses a very sturdy full-metal build, everything that would be metal on the real weapon is metal here, and all the plastic components are made from the same nylon-reinforced composite that the stock uses. The metal used in this replica is very well-finished and feels nice to the touch, and the plastics feel very strong and comfortable to hold. The carry handle is removable to allow the installation of optics, and both the front and rear sight are adjustable. The fore grip and barrel are extremely solid, with no twist or wobble whatsoever. The tactical sling swivel mounted under the front sight allows for the use of two and three point slings. Also included is a 330rd metal high capacity magazine, which is a grey color, making it a more accurate replica of the standard issue USGI magazines, rather than the black color most other airsoft brands use. For extra fun, when the charging handle is pulled, the dust cover pops open and the mock bolt retracts to reveal the hop-up unit, unlike Classic Army’s older models which had a non-functioning bolt, always exposing the hop-up whenever the dust cover was down.

Internally, the CA M15A4 is robustly built, offering solid performance. With a stock velocity of 380-400 FPS, this gun can reach out accurately to around 50-60 yards stock, making it an effective performer straight out of the box. CA replicas make great guns for newer players who are interested in a gun with a more sturdy, realistic build and tough internals, and also make great platforms for experienced players to build their next custom masterpiece, as they are 100% compatible with parts designed for Tokyo Marui guns, and feature an excellent build out of the box, meaning less parts you’ll need to replace.


-Full metal construction with nylon fiber reinforced composite furniture

-Licensed ArmaLite trademarks

-Removable carry handle

-Adjustable sights

-Adjustable hop-up

-Tactical sling swivel for two point slings

-330rd high capacity magazine

-Functional bolt catch and charging handle

-Blowback bolt cycles with each and every shot

-New realistic 6 position buffer tube assembly with tactical retractable stock

-Newly designed magazine release

-Stamped metal receiver with individual serial number

-New color variation on metal parts

-Pre-upgraded LIPO-Ready internal gearbox

-High torque gears

-8mm bearings

-170% spring

-Aluminum piston head with bearing

-New gear box shell

-Metal spring giude

-Low resistance wiring


-Length: 30.75”-34.75”

-Height: 8.75” (magazine removed)

-Weight: 5.65lbs

-Inner barrel length: 363mm

-Inner barrel diameter: 6.08mm

-Velocity: 380-400 FPS with .20g BB

-Magazine capacity: 330 rounds

Package Includes:

-CA M15A4 Carbine

-1x 330rd high capacity magazine

-Classic Army manual

-60 day limited manufacturer’s warranty form

-Front sight adjustment tool

-Cleaning/unjamming rod

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