Classic Army M15A4 CQB RIS Commando Assault Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun


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M15A4 CQB RIS Full Metal X-Series

Classic Army M15A4 CQB

Classic Army, a brand known for their high quality full metal builds and solid internals, is best known for their line of AEGs from the AR family of weapons, which they call the M15 series. Their M15A4 CQB is no exception to this, and is one of their most popular models.

The CA M15A4 CQB is a faithful replica of the MK18 MOD 0 rifle often used by Navy SEALs. This full metal replica includes a 10.5” CQB barrel, two piece rail system with laser engraved position markings and included vertical foregrip and two rail protector panels, a chopped-down LMT-style adjustable rear sight, a mock gas tube running through the RIS from the receiver to the front sight block, for an extra bit of realism, laser engraved licensed ArmaLite trademarks, and a five position adjustable crane stock. As always, the stock, pistol grip, vertical grip, and rail panels are made from nylon fiber-reinforced polymer, ensuring a strong, yet light material, and feel very nice to the touch. The metal is flat black and well-finished, giving it a very high quality feel, as is standard for Classic Army’s AEGs. The weapon’s controls have a flat grey coloring, which goes well with the weapon’s flat black receiver. The crane stock not only allows one to store high capacity batteries without the use of a full, M16-sized stock, but it also provides an improved cheek weld over the standard M4 stock, making this gun very comfortable to shoot. Additionally, as opposed to older CA ARs, pulling the charging handle will pop open the dust cover and pull the mock bolt back, revealing the adjustable, metal hop-up unit. To make adjusting hop-up more convenient, the bolt catch is functional and can be used to lock the bolt to the rear. Overall, the build of this gun is extremely solid: the RIS and front sight block have no play or wobble in them, a massive improvement over some of CA’s older AEGs, giving a much-deserved feeling of durability to this AEG.

This gun is not only a pretty face, but a good performer as well. Shooting at 360-380 FPS out of the box, CA’s reinforced 7mm bearing gear box, combined with CA’s high torque motor, increases ROF and durability. Though this gun is small, its size is deceptive, and it can definitely reach out and touch someone. Well suited to CQB or MOUT gameplay, the M15A4 CQB can definitely perform well at range as well.

Whether you want that SOF look for your loadout, need a compact, maneuverable weapon, or just want a good-looking, well-performing AEG, the Classic Army M15A4 CQB doesn’t disappoint.

All Classic Army guns come with an extended 60 day manufacturer’s warranty.


-Full metal construction

-Two piece RIS

-Licensed ArmaLite trademarks

-10.5” barrel

-Five position adjustable crane stock

-Functioning charging handle

-Chopped down, adjustable rear sight

-Mock gas tube

-Vertical fore grip

-Nylon fiber-reinforced polymers

-Functioning bolt catch


-Length: 28”-30.5”

-Height: 8.75” (magazine removed)

-Weight: 6.75 lbs

-Inner barrel length: 363mm

-Inner barrel diameter: 6.08mm

-Velocity: 360-380 FPS with .20g BB

Package Includes:


-1x vertical foregrip

-2x rail panels

-1x high capacity magazine

-Classic Army operator’s manual

-60 day manufacturer’s warranty form

-Cleaning/unjamming rod

-Front sight adjustment tool

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