Classic Army M15A4 CQB RIS Compact SEAL Assault Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun


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M15A4 CQB RIS Compact SEAL X-Series

Classic Army M15A4 CQB Compact SEAL

After creating the M15A4 CQB, Classic Army decided that it simply wasn’t CQB enough for the most hardcore CQB players. Thus, they came out with the CQB Compact series, which hail from CA’s ever-popular M15 line of AEGs, but come in an extremely compact size.

Externally, the M15A4 CQB SEAL is everything you’d expect from a Classic Army gun: full metal construction with excellent finishing, nylon fiber-reinforced polymer, metal high cap magazine, and ArmaLite trademarks. This is where the similarities end, however. The CQB Compact models feature a 7.5” barrel, three inches shorter than the already compact CQB. The CQB Compact series features a solid, 4” free float rail system as opposed to the standard two-piece RIS unit. The standard CQB Compact includes the standard M4 sight block, while the CQB Compact SEAL has replaced this with a railed gas block with a detachable front sight placed on top of it. This not only allows the operator to quickly and easily remove the front sight to allow for easy use of low profile optics, but it also gives the gun a very unique look. In addition, the rear sight is a low profile, flip-up model, which further aids in the use of optics. When using just iron sights, the user has the choice of four different sizes of rear sight aperture, and can easily rotate the wheel to change the aperture when desired. The RAS also looks much different than standard RIS units, and provides a good view of the mock gas tube for a little added realism. Both the RAS and gas block are rock solid with zero play in them whatsoever. The M15A4 CQB Compact SEAL also includes a tactical extended charging handle latch, and a working bolt catch to make adjustment of hop-up easier.

Internally, the CQB Compact line features the same reinforced internals of CA’s other M15 series AEGs. A 7mm advanced bearing gearbox, high torque motor, and adjustable metal hop-up unit provide endurance and performance for this AEG. Due to the short barrel, out of the box accuracy at longer ranges will not be as good as a longer AEG, but this gun is one of the best options available for CQB/MOUT, and that’s what it was designed for. A great choice for the veteran CQB player or someone looking for a unique and different approach to the AR weapon style.

All Classic Army AEGs include an extended 60 day manufacturer’s warranty.


-Full metal construction

-Free float RAS unit

-7.5” subcompact barrel

-Mock gas tube with railed gas block

-Quick detach front sight

-Low profile folding rear sight

-Licensed laser-engraved ArmaLite trademarks

-Functioning bolt catch

-330rd high capacity magazine

-Five position adjustable crane stock

-7mm bearing gearbox

-High torque motor

-Adjustable metal hop-up unit


-Length: 24.5”-27.25”

-Height: 9” (magazine removed)

-Weight: 5.9 lbs

-Inner barrel length: 200mm

-Inner barrel diameter: 6.08mm

-Velocity: 360-380 FPS with .20g BB

-Fire modes: semi and full automatic

Package Includes:

-CA M15A4 CQB Compact SEAL

-330rd high capacity magazine

-Cleaning/unjamming rod

-Classic Army operator’s manual

-60 day manufacturer’s warranty form

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