CLASSIC ARMY M15A4 RIS Sportline Value Package AEG Assault Rifle

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CLASSIC ARMY SP016P-1 Sportline M15A4 RIS VP AEG Assault Rifle - FPS 400

CA Sportline M15A4 RIS

Classic Army is a well-known name in the airsoft industry and has been responsible for allowing it to flourish in the United States. The past several years saw Classic Army continue to release a variety of high end guns using quality externals and rugged internals. These “Proline” AEGs, while excellent in terms of quality and skirmish-ability, were too costly for players who were just getting started in airsoft. This is where Classic Army’s “Sportline” series comes in. By creating a cheaper line of guns without sacrificing quality performance, Classic Army gives new players a strong platform to airsoft without breaking the bank.

In creating the Sportline series, they used their M15A4 (Classic Army’s M4 series) line of AEGs as a base. To lower the overall cost of the gun they replaced the triangle front sight, body and carry handle with ABS plastic, leaving a few metal and nylon-reinforced polymer parts where they are needed. Even though the aforementioned parts are plastic, they are much more durable one would expect. The plastic doesn’t creak or feel cheap and has a nice matte finish. Also, in following their Proline models, the Sportline M15s features licensed Armalite trademarks.

This version of the M15A4 Sportline comes with a R.I.S or Rail Interface System and Crane stock. With the inclusion of a rail system you have the ability to attach flash lights, lasers, under barrel grenade launchers and forward grips (a vertical grip is included in this package). The attachments you can add to your rail system are almost endless and offers tactical flexibility out of the box. Classic Army replaced the usual standard M4 LE stock with a crane stock and wired it so the battery can be connected inside of it. This negates the need to house the battery externally, which is a common problem for M4 style AEGs if the battery was stored in the handguard and you wanted to install a rail system. In addition to being a practical solution for storing batteries, the crane stock offers a very comfortable cheek weld when shouldering and aiming down your sights.

The Classic Army M15A4 RIS comes in as part of a VALUE PACKAGE that will greatly help new players in starting off.


- Classic Army M15A4

- 330 round hi-cap magazine

- 8.4v battery and charger

- 500 .20g Classic Army BBs

- 1 pair of shooting glasses

- Forward vertical grip

- 2 plastic rail covers

- Tactical sling

All Classic Army AEGs come with a 60 day extended manufacturer’s warranty


- High Torque Motor

- Real ARMALITE Logo

- Easy Disassembly Body

- Metal Barrel and Front Sight

- High Precision Metal Gearbox

- Metal Hi-Cap Magazine (300Rd)

- Metal Charging Handle and Bolt Cover

- Removable Carry Handle with Metal Rear Sight

- Latest Version Crane Stock with Rear Loading Battery Compartments

- METAL Rail System with Hand Guard Panel Set & Forward Grip

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