Classic Army Sportline SA-M7 Value Package AK47 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun

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Classic Army Sportline SA-M7 Value Package AK47 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun

Classic Army Sportline SA-M7 Value Package

Classic Army is a well-known name in the airsoft industry and has been responsible for allowing it to flourish in the United States. The past several years saw Classic Army release a variety of high end guns using quality externals and rugged internals. These “Proline” AEGs, while excellent in terms of quality and skirmish-ability, were too costly for players who were just getting started in airsoft. This is where Classic Army’s “Sportline” series comes in. By creating a cheaper line of guns without sacrificing quality performance, Classic Army gives new players a strong platform to airsoft without breaking the bank.

The SA-M7 is Classic Army’s latest release in their Sportline series. This new Sportline AEG offers a unique quality that the previous models did not – a metal body. The SA-M7 features a very nice quality metal lower receiver and top cover, barrel, iron sights, sling mounts and magazine. While, the fake wood furniture is made of Classic Army’s quality plastic. It comes with a fixed full stock which allows you to accommodate larger batteries, allowing you to stay on the field longer. And, in similar fashion to the rest of their Sportline series, the SA-M7 features fully licensed trademarks and logos – this time from Arsenal.

The SA-M7 comes in part of a VALUE PACKAGE that will greatly help new players in starting off.


- Classic Army SA-M7

- 600 round hi-cap magazine

- 8.4v battery and charger

- 500 .20g Classic Army BBs

- 1 pair of shooting glass

- Tactical sling

All Classic Army AEGs come with a 60 day extended manufacturer’s warranty


- Real Arsenal Logo

- High Torque Motor

- 600 Rd Hi-Cap Magazine

- Adjustable Hop-Up System

- High Precision Metal Gearbox

- Fix Stock to Accommodate Large Battery

- Metal Outer Barrel, Front Sight and Rear Sight


Weight 5.29 lbs
Barrel Length 463mm
Barrel Caliber 6.08mm
Bullet Capacity 600 Round
Bullet 6mmBB
Initial Bullet Speed 85-105 m/sec
Battery Type Large Type (8.4v)
Operation AEG

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