Dragon Fire .36oz Pen Pepper Spray


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Dragon Fire .36oz Pen Pepper Spray

Dragon Fire .36oz Pen Pepper Spray

A small, light weight package that packs a big punch, the Dragon Fire .36oz Pen Pepper Spray can release a cone of its potent mixture up to 10 feet. Disguised a fancy pen, this is the ultimate concealable non-lethal weapon against unsuspecting assailants. Dragon Fire's pepper spray cans are small and easy to use means of non-lethal self defense and protection. Dragon Fire's potent pepper spray mix, which contains Oleoresin Capsicum, gives the you non-lethal stopping power in a small package.


- .36oz can gives you 6 shots up to 10 feet

- Simple one-button operation

- Causes no long-term effects or permanent damage

- Contains identifying dye

- Non-toxic and non-flammable

- Easily concealable and subtle design

- Made in the USA

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