Emerson Gen3 Combat Shirt by Lancer Tactical - SM / Camo




Emerson Gen3 Combat Shirt by Lancer Tactical - SM / Camo

Emerson Gen3 Combat Shirt by Lancer Tactical

The Emerson Gen3 Combat Shirt by Lancer Tactical offers the perfect blend of maximum durability and comfort. The sleeves of the shirt are made out of a 65/35 blend of polyester cotton ripstop material and feature elbow pockets for elbow pad inserts that gives the wearer light protection when in the field. The sleeves have shoulder pockets that can be used to store extra great and sport velcro real estate for tactical / morale patches. The cuff closures can be adjusted for operator comfort. The body of the combat shirt is made of a nylon / cotton blend that aids in breathability and moisture wicking, keeping the wearer cool and comfortable in even the hottest of situations. It also features a zip-up high collar for neck protection.


- Model: Emerson Gen3 Combat Shirt

- Material: 65/35 polyester cotton ripstop and nylon cotton blend

- Size: Small - Regular

- Extremely durable, breathable and comfortable

- Shoulder pockets with Velcro real estate for patches

- Ripstop sleeves with adjustable cuff closures

- Nylon cotton blend body wicks moisture

- Pockets for elbow pad inserts (sold separately)

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