FIREPOWER Double Draw Shoulder Pistol Holster Black


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FIREPOWER Double Draw Shoulder Pistol Holster Black

FIREPOWER Double Draw Shoulder Holster

Always wanted to carry two pistols on to the field, but couldn't figure out how? FIREPOWER's Double Draw Shoulder Holster is the solution. Its designed to keep your pistols conveniently at your sides, under your arms, via its shoulder strap and belt attachment system. The holsters are able to retain your sidearms with adjustable velcro straps. The shoulder strap system is padded to ensure comfort during extending use. They feature two velcro straps at the bottom of each holster, these allow you to loop and secure the entire system to any belt.


- Places two holsters conveniently under your arms

- Padded shoulder pads for comfort

- Belt attachment straps to keep the holster system secure

- Adjustable velcro can secure most available pistols

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