UKARMS M88 US Military PASGT Kevlar Helmet

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UKARMS M88 US Military PASGT Kevlar Helmet

UKARMS M88 US Military PASGT Kevlar Helmet


The Personal Armor System for Ground Troops, or PASGT, was a ballistic helmet and vest system that was used by the US Military from mid-1980s to mid-2000s. This kevlar armor system was best noted for its uniquely shaped helmet that was designed to protect ther wear's head from bullet impacts. It was commonly seen through many conflicts in the early 21st Century and has since been replaced by more modern and lighter forms of head protection, but the iconic helmet can still be seen in use by several militaries today.

The UKARMS M88 PASGT Kevlar Helmet provides the user ample head protection when skirmishing. It features a high strength ABS shell to protect the wear's head from impacts, BB strikes and other in field hazards. The helmet uses an adjustable suspension system and chin strap to maintain a comfortable fit - even in the most intensive of games.


- High strength ABS construction

- Adjustable suspension system

- Adjustable chin straps

- Lightweight and durable

- Protects against BB impacts

- Ideal for outdoor skirmishing

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