ICS IKS-74U Full Metal Real Wood AEG with Folding Stock


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ICS IKS-74U Full Metal Real Wood AEG with Folding Stock

ICS IKS-74U Full Metal Real Wood AEG with Folding Stock

Developed by Soviet engineer Mikhail Kalashnikov after World War II, the AK47 was designed to meet the Soviet military’s need for a fully dedicated assault rifle platform. During its service the assault rifle went through many revisions and was replaced with the more refined AK74 during the late-1960s. This was the modified to be shorter and more compact. The result was the AKS-74U, which became a favorite for Russian special forces, paratroopers and vehicle crew members.

The ICS IKS-74U AEG is a near 1:1 scale replica of the ubiquitous ultra-compact assault rifle. It is solidly built due to its full metal construction and use of real wood furniture. This gives the IKS-74U a good weight with increased durability when skirmishing. The rear sight is of the standard Kalashnikov style and can be adjusted for range and elevation. The stock of the ICS replica is a side folding, skeleton design. This makes this already compact gun even smaller. There are two sling attachment points – one on the barrel and another at the back of the receiver. Ideal for AK style or two-point slings. One unique external point that the ICS IKS-74U has over other airsoft companies is that the top cover is attached to the body via a springed hinge. This makes installing the battery so much easier and ensures that the top cover is secured to the receiver.

Internally, the ICS IKS-74U is built with the same high attention to detail and quality that is in all of their airsoft guns. The IKS-74U utilizes a full metal, reinforced version 3 gearbox. While most version 3 gearboxes are built tough, ICS took it a step further by using their upgraded steel gear set and high torque motor for improved out of the box performance.


- Semi & Fully Automatic Firing Modes

- Full Metal and Wood Construction

- Full Metal, Reinforced Version 3 Gearbox

- 300 – 330 FPS on .20g BBs

- Adjustable Hop-Up System

- Side folding stock is perfect for CQB

- Adjustable Rear Sight

- 550 Round Hi-Cap Magazine

Package Includes:


- 2 x 550 Round Hi-Cap Magazine

- 1000 Rounds of ICS .20g BBs

- Instruction Manual

- ICS Demo CD

- Cleaning Rod

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