JBU 6.01mm x 229mm Precision Tight Bore Barrel for MP5 / AK Beta AEG


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JBU 6.01x229mm Precision Tight Bore Barrel

JBU 6.01x229mm Precision Tight Bore Barrel

When looking to increase the performance of your AEG, a tight bore barrel is one of the best places to start. Most AEGs come stock with an inner barrel with a 6.08mm diameter. Replacing this barrel with a tight bore barrel (a barrel with a diameter of 6.03mm or smaller) will help to improve your gun’s accuracy. As an added benefit, the tighter diameter of a TBB restricts the air flow better, increasing FPS by a small amount. This aluminum barrel is Teflon-coated to withstand wear from BBs passing through the barrel.

Diameter: 6.01mm

Length: 229mm

Fits: MP5 and AK Beta Spetznas AEGs

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