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KS Kart P90 AEG Airsoft Gun

KS P90

The P90 was developed by the legendary FNH as a personal defense weapon, or PDW. A PDW is intended for use by troops such as tank crews or vehicle drivers, for whom a standard sized rifle would get in the way, but who also may need to protect themselves. Modern PDWs are designed to be able to defeat body armor threats, unlike a standard SMG. The P90 differs from other PDWs, and firearms in general, in its general design. It makes use of a bullpup layout, with the magazine feeding behind the trigger group. This is not an unheard of concept, but the P90’s magazine sits horizontally on top of the weapon, rather than under it, and ejects casings downwards. Because of this layout, and the small, yet powerful 5.7x28mm round, its magazine can hold a whopping fifty rounds. Due to its extremely unique, space-age aesthetic, this weapon is a common sight in numerous popular modern TV shows, movies and video games, and has a devout following among airsoft enthusiasts as well.

KS’ P90 is a great replica of the real thing. This gun is built in 1:1 scale, so the ultra compact sizeis accurately represented. While the length of the weapon is shorter than an MP5, due to the bullpup design, the inner barrel is actually longer than an MP5’s, making this an obvious choice in CQB, but also a serious contender for longer ranges as well. The small size also makes it a feasible back-up weapon. The upper receiver is made from metal, and features a built-in red dot sight, with two degrees of brightness. A red dot sight allows for much quicker target acquisition, and an enhanced field of view, as it can be easily and effectively used with both eyes open. The lower receiver/stock is made from a strong polymer material, as on the real weapon. For additional realism, the standard magazine is translucent, revealing the fifty mock cartridges inside. The design of the P90 is very ergonomic, and is comfortable to hold and extremely easy to manipulate. Whether you’re a CQB enthusiast, a P90 fan, or on a budget, the KS P90 is an excellent choice to consider.


-Metal upper receiver

-Polymer stock/lower receiver

-Integrated red dot sight

-68rd standard magazine

-9.6v 1100mAh battery

-Adjustable hop-up


-Length: 20”

-Height: 8.5”

-Weight: 4.5 lbs

-Inner barrel length: 247mm

-Muzzle velocity: 380-400 FPS with .20g BB

-Firing modes: semiautomatic, automatic

-Battery type: small, custom

Package Includes:

-KS P90

-1x 68rd magazine

-9.6v 1100 mAh battery


-Cleaning/Unjamming rod

-Operator’s manual

-Speed loader

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