King Arms Full Metal FN FAL Airsoft AEG

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King Arms Full Metal FN FAL Airsoft AEG

King Arms Full Metal FN FAL Airsoft AEG

The Fusil Automatique Leger, more commonly known as the FAL, was produced early in the 1950s by the Belgian firearms company Fabrique Nationale de Herstal. FN was approached by the British military to create a rifle that could be used as a standard issue weapon for NATO military forces during the Cold War. It soon was adopted and saw wide spread use in many NATO countries. From the 1950s onward, the FN FAL has been used in dozens of conflicts and still remains in use today.

The King Arms’ replica of this classic battle rifle is near perfect and very realistic. It also features fully licensed FN Herstal trademarks. Almost everything on this AEG is constructed out of metal, with the exception of the handguard, stock and pistol grip. The grip and handguard are comfortable to hold and feel exceptionally solid. The FAL features a working charging handle that allows easy access to the gun’s hop-up. Like on the real FAL, it comes with a carry handle that folds down to the right side of the gun when not in use. The full sized stock can accommodate a variety of large sized batteries and feels very comfortable when shouldered.

Internally, the King Arms FN FAL is built like a tank. King Arms utilized a full metal, reinforced version 3 gearbox with high quality parts. With its long barrel length and adjustable hop-up makes the gun have exceptional range and accuracy, especially when heavier BBs are used.

The King Arms FN FAL is perfect if you are looking for a quality AEG that isn’t your standard AK, M4 or G36. Also, because of how prefect it replicates the real FAL, this is a great option for collectors and players looking to complete an accurate Cold War load out.


- Full metal construction

- Officially licensed by FN Herstal

- Semi and Full Auto firing modes

- 350-370 FPS with .20g BBs

- Adjustable front and rear sights

- Full sized, fixed stock can hold larger batteries

- Folding carry handle

- Full metal, reinforced version 3 gearbox

Package Includes:

- King Arms FN FAL AEG

- 1x90 round mid-cap magazine

- Speed loader

- Instruction manual

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