KWA KM4A1 Carbine Assault Rifle Metal Body AEG Electric Airsoft Gun


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KWA KM4A1 Carbine Assault Rifle Metal Body AEG Electric Airsoft Gun

KWA KM4A1 Carbine

When the brand name “KWA” is mentioned, it immediately brings to mind gas blowback pistols. KWA’s gas blowback pistols are arguably the best off the shelf GBBs on the market. Not content to simply rule the gas blowback market, KWA launched a foray into the world of AEGs. KWA AEGs have improved much since their inception, and are now some of the best stock AEGs on the market.

KWA’s AEGs are built with extreme durability, and designed to run on high powered LiPo batteries out the box. Their internals are made with high quality parts, and also produce a near instantaneous trigger response and high ROF out of the box with a LiPo battery. Externally, these guns feature a full metal construction, made with high quality, well-finished metal components, while the plastic components are made from high grade polymer. Their latest AEGs use KWA’s new 2GX gearbox and 2G hop-up bucking for enhanced performance.

All KWA guns come with an extended 45 day manufacturer’s warranty.

NOTE: this AEG is designed for use with .25g or heavier BBs.

Caution: Lithium-ion Polymer (LiPo) batteries can be dangerous if used improperly, and are recommended for experienced/knowledgeable players only. KWA recommends using no LiPo battery more powerful than 11.1v 1600 mAh 15C/20A. Using a more powerful battery will void KWA’s warranty.


-KWA 2GX Gearbox
-KWA 2G High Performance Bucking
-Removable carry handle
-Flat top receiver
-Full metal alloy receivers
-Adjustable front and rear sights
-Semi and Full Auto selective fire
-Adjustable Hop-up
-6 position collapsible stock
-Fiber reinforced handguard with battery compartment


-Overall Length (Retracted) = 77.47 cm [30.5"]
-Overall Length (Extended) = 85.73 cm [33.75"]
-Outer Barrel Length = 381 mm [15"]
-Inner Barrel Length = 395 mm
-Inner Barrel Diameter = 6.05 mm
-Weight = 3.03 kg [6.68 lbs]
-Barrel Thread = -14 mm
-Caliber = 6 mm
-Magazine Capacity = 350 rounds
-Rate of Fire = 20+ RPS
-Velocity = 118-125 MPS [390-410 FPS]
-Energy Output with 0.20g BB = 1.49 Joules
-Power Source = 9.6v NiMh, 7.4v or 11.1v 15c Li-po / Li-Fe

Package Includes:


-1x 350rd high capacity magazine

-KWA Operator’s manual and documentation

-KWA 45 day limited warranty form

-KWA sticker

-Front sight adjustment tool

-2x allen/hex wrenches

-Cleaning/Unjamming rod

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