KWA Licensed KRISS Vector Gas Blow Back Airsoft Sub Machine Gun - Tan

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KWA Licensed KRISS Vector Gas Blow Back Airsoft Sub Machine Gun - Tan

KWA Licensed KRISS Vector Gas Blow Back Airsoft Sub Machine Gun

The KRISS Vector sub machine gun is a high tech weapon that revolutionized the firearm industry. It features a unique action, that was designed by French engineer Renaud Kerbrat, that allows the block and bolt to recoil off-axis and reciprocate in line with the weapon’s magazine well. This action, dubbed the KRISS Super V System, dramatically reduces felt recoil and muzzle flip. This essentially allows the operator to easily control the KRISS’s hard hitting .45 ACP rounds with ease - especially on full auto.

Developed in conjunction with KRISS Arms, KWA was able to produce an accurate replica of this 21st Century sub machine gun, both in design and operation. The body of the KRISS is constructed out of KWA’s high impact, nylon-reinforced polymer to reduce the gun’s overall weight without sacrificing durability. It features all the weapon mechanics that are present on the real one. From its functioning charging hand and bolt release, to its ambidextrous fire controls and safety. The KWA KRISS, is not only capable of firing not only in semi-auto, full-auto, but also 2-round-bursts. It also features flip-up front and rear iron sights, as well as an adequate amount of rail space for any optics and tactical accessories.

To accurately and realistically recreate the operation of the KRISS Vector, KWA replicated the Super V System inside the gun. Coupled with KWA’s revolutionary Force Velocity System, this is one of the easiest to control, easiest to shoot and one of the most gas efficient airsoft gas blow back sub machine guns on the market to date.


- Fully licensed by KRISS Arms

- Polymer construction

- Metal reinforced internal parts

- KWA Force Velocity System

- Velocity: 360-380 FPS with .20g BB

- Overall length (Retracted): 15.75" / 40 cm

- Overall length (Extended): 24.8" / 63 cm

- Weight: 6.24 lbs / 2830g

- Super V style recoil system

- Safe, semi-auto, full-auto, 2-round-burst

- Side folding stock

- Functioning charging handle, bolt catch and release

- Ambidextrous selector switch and fire controls

- Integrated top rail and side rails

- Flip-up sights

- 49 round magazine

Package Includes:

- KWA KRISS Vector Gas Blow Back SMG

- 1x 49 round magazine

- Hop-up adjustment tool

- 100 KWA .25g BBs

- Bottle of 100% silicone oil

- KWA operator’s manual

- KWA 45 day limited manufacturer’s warranty form

- KWA sticker

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