KWA M9 Tactical Full Metal PTP Gas Blowback Pistol NS2 Airsoft Gun

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KWA M9 Tactical Full Metal PTP Gas Blowback Pistol NS2 Airsoft Gun

KWA M9 Tactical Full Metal PTP Gas Blowback Pistol NS2 Airsoft Gun

KWA’s Professional Training Products, or PTPs, are gas blowback guns designed to be usable as training weapons by military, law enforcement, or private security personnel. PTPs provide a realistic and low-cost alternative to other training implements available. They are designed to be fully compatible with all gear and accessories available for their real steel counterparts. The operation of the weapon is accurately replicated for a more realistic and dynamic training experience. Though PTPs were designed with the public safety professional in mind, because of the same reasons they make excellent training tools, PTPs also make great airsoft weapons for gameplay or collection purposes.

The KWA M9 Tactical is a replica of the Beretta M9A1 used currently by the US military and law enforcement personnel. For public safety personnel who carry an M9 and want a low-cost but realistic training implement, the KWA M9 series is the place to look. For airsoft players who wish to replicate a US military loadout, or who are simply fans of the M9, the KWA M9 series is also an excellent place to look. With the exception of the barrel, which is made from a high quality polymer to reduce wear on internal components, the KWA M9 Tactical has a realistic full metal construction, giving it a hefty weight. The three-dot tactical sights allow for a quicker and easier target acquisition and sight picture, which is great for both training and gaming purposes. The safety is ambidextrous, and the magazine release can be reversed for either right or left-handed use, making this pistol a great choice for lefties. The safety also doubles as a functioning hammer de-cock lever. The frame features a handy rail allowing for the installation of aftermarket flashlights or lasers, and aggressively checkered front and back straps for a positive grip. At the base of the grip is a lanyard loop, allowing the user to attach a tactical retention lanyard. Even without KWA’s NS2 system, this would be an extremely realistic M9 replica. With the NS2 system, it’s a combination that can’t be beat by any other off-the-shelf M9 replica available, whether for training or gameplay purposes.

All KWA guns include an extended 45 day manufacturer’s warranty.

NOTE: KWA recommends the use of .25g or heavier BBs with this gun.


- Full metal slide and frame

- Polymer barrel

- Gas powered airsoft pistol

- Velocity: 330-350 FPS with .20g BB

- Overall length: 8.5" / 29.6 cm

- Weight: 2.5 lbs / 1133 g

- Uses KWA's revolutionary NS2 gas system

- Adjustable hop-up

- Railed frame for tactical accessories

- Tactical three dot sights

- Double action trigger

- Ambidextrous safety and decocker

- Reversible magazine release

- Aggressively checkered grip

- Realistic take down and assembly

- Lanyard loop

Package Includes:

- KWA M9 Tactical PTP

- 1x 25 round magazine

- Bottle of 100% silicone lubricant

- Hop-up adjustment tool

- 100 KWA .25g BBs

- KWA Operator’s manual and documentation

- KWA warranty form

- KWA sticker

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