Lancer Tactical AKS-74U RIS Airsoft Gun AEG with Folding Stock


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Lancer Tactical AKS-74U RIS Airsoft Gun AEG with Folding Stock

Lancer Tactical AKS-74U RIS Airsoft Gun AEG with Folding Stock

Lancer Tactical was created for one purpose - to get players into the game, no matter the budget or skill level. Gone are the days of spending $250+ for a high quality, competitive airsoft gun and tactical gear. Lancer Tactical has bridge the "quality vs. cost" gap by bringing excellent, yet affordable, products to the market for any airsoft player.

Lancer Tactical has brought a modern-day twist to the classic and ubiquitous AKS-74U. Made primarily out of high quality ABS polymer, the Lancer Tactical AKS-74U RIS is incredibly lightweight, yet feels very solid. The stock can fold to the side of the gun, making this already compact gun even smaller. Not commonly seen on most AK platforms is the unique railed handguard that Lancer Tactical installed on to the gun. It is a quad rail design allowing players to install anything from forward grips and optics to flashlights and lasers. The gun comes with a 45 degree off set rail mount that doubles as a front sling mount.

While most of the AKS-74U RIS is primarily built out of high strength ABS polymer, do not let that fool you into thinking this is a cheap gun. Internally, is where this airsoft gun really shines. Utilizing a full metal version 3 gearbox and high quality internal parts, this AEG is built to be an excellent, out of the box performer. It is designed to be robust and solid and can take a serious beating before it fails.


- High strength ABS construction

- Semi automatic and full automatic fire modes

- 380-400 FPS with .20g BB

- Full metal version 3 gearbox

- Adjustable rear sight

- Railed handguard for adding tactical accessories

- Side folding skeleton stock

- 45 degree rail mount

- Front and rear sling attachment points

- Ambidextrous magazine release

Package Includes:

- Lancer Tactical AKS-74U RIS

- 1x 450 round hi-cap magazine

- 45 degree rail / sling mount

- Instruction Manual

- Battery and wall charger

- Bag of .20g BBs

  • - Cleaning/unjamming rod

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