Lancer Tactical NAVY SEAL Plate Carrier Vest

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Lancer Tactical NAVY SEAL Low Profile Body Armor Vest - Tan

Lancer Tactical NAVY SEAL Low Profile Body Armor Vest

Based on the low profile plate carriers and soft armor vests that American Special Forces wear, the Lancer Tactical NAVY SEAL Low Profile Body Armor Vest utilizes a light weight nylon construction to replicate the look of these armor carriers. Staying true to the design, there is no MOLLE webbing on this vest at all. The idea for this style of plate carrier was to have operators wear it in conjuction with a chest rig or a tactical vest that does not have ballistic protection.

The vest itself comes pockets that allow the wearer to insert fake ballistic plates, however foam inserts do come with the vest to keep it rigid and give the impression that there are plates inside it. The body armor can be adjusted to fit most players via the adjustable Velcro waist and shoulder straps. On the front ofthe vest there is a lot of Velcro real estate, ideal for players who want to sport all their tactical and morale patches.


- Similar in design to low profile armor carriers use by U.S Special Forces

- Light weight construction

- Can hold fake armor/ballistic plates

- A lot of Velcro real estate for patches

- Adjustable shoulder and waist straps, one size fits most

- Ideally should be worn under chest rigs or tactical vests

Package Includes:

- Lancer Tactical NAVY SEAL Low Profile Body Armor

- Front and rear foam "plate" inserts

- Large American flag patch

- Lancer Tactical "Game On" patch

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