Lancer Tactical Riggers Belt - OD Green Medium


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Lancer Tactical Riggers Belt OD Green Medium

Lancer Tactical Riggers Belt

The Lancer Tactical Riggers Belt is a high quality tactical belt for any operator. Constructed out of stitched polyester, this riggers belt is perfect for, both, casual wear and as a load-bearing rig. The stiff, 1.50" wide belt can fit through most common belt loops and can easily hold any holsters or pouches without folding over. Its very adjustable due to its velcro lining, allowing you to comfortably hold your pants up.


- Polyester construction with steel buckles

- Ideal platform as a load bearing platform

- Compatible with most modular pouches

- 1.50" Wide

- Medium is adjustable for sizes up to 40 inches

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