Magpul USA AFG2 Angled Forward Grip for Airsoft Guns - Flat Dark Earth


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Magpul PTS AFG2 Angled Forward Grip Flat Dark Earth

Magpul PTS Angled Forward Grip (AFG) 2 FG

As opposed to conventional vertical foregrips, the Magpul Angled Forward Grip, or AFG, is designed to utlize the hand's natural grip mechanics to provide a more stable and comfortable shooting platform. This ergonomic design greatly reduces hand fatigue, allowing you to stay behind your gun longer; while increasing your accuracy.

The AFG2 is shorter and slimmer than the original AFG, making it compatible with a wider variety of rail systems. The smaller design gives you more bottom rail space to, if you wish, add any extra accessories. The finger shelf can be replaced with a flat piece included in the package, or inverted as per the user’s preference. The AFG2 Mounts to any standard 20mm picatinny rail.


- Smaller design uses less rail space

- Angled grip utilizes natural body mechanics

- Increases comfort when gripping rifles

- Provides you a stable shooting grip and reduces hand fatigue

- Comes with an interchangable finger shelf

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