Wrong Gear WG10317 Tactical Warrior Mask Trooper

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Wrong Gear WG10317 Tactical Warrior Mask Trooper

Wrong Gear WG10317 Tactical Warrior Mask Trooper

Brand: Wrong Gear

Item #: WG10317

Wrong Gear Warrior Mask

The Wrong Gear Tactical Mask is made of 100% cotton. It is pre-folded into a double layered triangular configuration and features a Velcro closure at the back which allows users to put on, adjust, and take off instantly. The Warrior Mask is breathable and easy to dry. At the nose area lies a layer of polyster mesh which traps moisture, prevents fogging, and facilitates breath and ventilation. Above the polyester mash is a creased nose fold that keeps the mask on your nose without sliding down.

Each WrongGear Mask is hand cut and sewn in Los Angeles, California. No two masks are exactly alike.

The Warrior Mask Material is very different than the regular fashion scarves. Here are the differences:

  • Wrong Gear mask material:

  • More thread count, tighter knit

  • Made of 100% cotton

  • Thicker in material

  • Hand made and dyed

  • Custom colors specially made for Wrong Gear

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