Airsoft Tech Service

Wear and tear is a very common occurrence in most mechanical devices – airsoft guns are no exception.  Running thousands of rounds through an airsoft gun or exposing them to adverse conditions will eventually cause, even the most high-end of brands, to malfunction.  This is where we come in.

Airsoft N More strives to provide our customers high quality tech services to give your airsoft gun the proper TLC it deserves.  With over 10+ years of experience working on a variety of airsoft platforms and systems, our Airsoft Master Technician can do virtually anything to your airsoft gun up and running again.

Covid-19 Update:  Even though the walk-in store is still closed - you can bring your airsoft guns in to get worked on.  Airsoft N More’s Tech Work, Upgrade and Cerakote services will still be up and running.  If you need anything worked on simply contact us before hand and you can come to the store to drop off your airsoft gun.

Our tech services include, but are not limited to:

    • General airsoft repair / reassembly
    • General gearbox maintenance and tune ups
    • Gearbox overhaul or custom build
    • Gate Titan (or similar) installation
    • FPS upgrade / reduction
    • Polarstar, Wolverine (or similar) installation and adjustment
    • R-Hop installation
    • Wide parts selection with the option to special order parts
    • Custom alternation of parts for better fitment
    • Custom builds for any airsoft platform or system
    • Custom Cerakote applicator


General Cost Breakdown

For any tech work, we will charge a $30.00 deposit fee – this deposit is applied per airsoft gun and is non-refundable.  The deposit will cover the first 30 minutes of labor and help us diagnose any issues you have with your airsoft gun.

Currently, our rate for tech work is $60.00 per hour – or $15.00 every 15 minutes.

Please note, pricing does not include parts installed.  If aftermarket parts are used, there will be additional charges for those parts used to complete the repair or upgrade.


ANM Tech Warranty

All repair and upgrades are covered by an in-store 30-day warranty by Airsoft N More.  If, for any reason, your is having the same issue you can bring it back to the shop or ship it back within 30 days to have it repaired free of charge.  This warranty will only cover the work (repairs or upgrades) that was done by the Airsoft Technician and will not cover any issues that occur outside of that work.