What is an ANM CUSTOMS airsoft gun?
At Airsoft N More our Master Technician produces a line of custom, upgraded premium quality airsoft guns superior to all other brands! We start with a stock gun “out of the box”, fully tune the gearbox, make them Li-Po (Lithium Ion Polymer Battery) Ready, perfect shimming is done, pistons are upgraded, AOE is exact & gear timing is perfect.

“Out of the box” = Many mid to high quality guns are manufactured to appease the masses. For example, shimming might be ok, but it’s not perfect. Timing might work, but it’s not precise. Height of the motor may make the gearbox run, but not to its fullest potential.

ANM CUSTOMS airsoft guns are a new breed of airsoft guns to set the standard for competition level performance. Our goal is to give you the tools to carry out your missions & objectives. All ANM CUSTOMS guns are assembled here in USA not some machines overseas. We stand behind our products and offer you a whopping 90 day limited warranty. Any mechanical problems that may occur are fully covered. You must use good quality BBs, as this is the greatest reason to why most problems occur and make sure you clean out your barrels and lube them well. Proper maintenance of your airsoft gun will keep it working properly with little to no problems. We reinvent the wheel to achieve perfection! ANM CUSTOMS airsoft guns are meant to run hard and will last longer than any other brand!

The internals are perfected and the exterior is also upgraded. Scopes & sights are added along with lasers, flashlights, flash hiders or silencers (barrel extensions/amplifiers), grips, stocks, hand guards or R.I.S. & battery storage location might be different than “out of the box”. Not all of the ANM CUSTOMS guns have these mods (modifications) done to them, they will be in different mixtures to offer different looks & styles and to stay original & unique. Most ANM CUSTOMS airsoft guns are not replicated and are one of a kind!