KWA Biodegradable Perfect Grade .25g 6mm BBs 5000rds

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The best BBs on the market are now avail in 5,000 round bottles! You no longer have to wrestle with bagged BBs or worry about inadvertent spillage in your tactical bag.
Stay eco-friendly and field compliant without sacrificing performance with the all-new KWA biodegradable BBs. Now you can play or train with BBs that provide the same superior performance you’ve come to expect from KWA BBs.
    • Made with biodegradable materials
    • Weight: 0.25g
    • Diameter: 5.95mm +/- 0.01mm
    • Count: 5000 rounds
    • Well polished, perfectly smooth surface and finish
    • Provide consistent accuracy and performance
    • High strength formula makes BBs less prone to damage
    • Packed in a resealable, reusable bottle

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