G&G G96 Gas Powered AWP L96 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle - Black


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G&G G96 Gas Powered AWP L96 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle - Black

G&G G96 Gas Powered AWP L96 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle

During the 1980s, the British Army adopted Accuracy International’s Precision Marksman Rifle as a replacement for their older sniper rifle systems. The British military designated the new rifle as the L96A1. The L96 is a unique platform as it was designed to be a dedicated sniper-system from the ground up. Over its period of use, the L96 went through a number of changes to make it one of the most reliable and accurate bolt-action sniper rifles to be used in any terrain. This is where the Arctic Warfare – or AW – portion of the L96 comes it. The AWP is the Police variant of the standard rifle.

Simple, reliable and efficient - the G&G G96 Sniper Rifle is an excellent airsoft gun to use for long range engagements. The stock is comprised of G&G's famous reinforced polymer, making it extremely durable without adding extra weight. Emulating its real counter part, the G96 uses the ergonomic, and very comfortable, thumb-hole style stock. There is a picatinny top rail that can be used for mounting any scopes or optics. At the front of the stock, there is a fixed pin mount for bipods. Because this is a gas powered rifle operating the bolt the is a lot smoother and easier, as you are not trying to compress a high FPS spring, allowing you to rapidly sight-in, engage, transition to and from multiple opposing players.


- Metal and reinforced polymer construction

- Gas powered sniper rifle

- Single shot, bolt-action

- 500+ FPS with .20g BBs

- Weight: 8.5 lbs

- Overall length: 45.2"

- Bolt is easy to grab and smooth to operate

- Ergonomic thumb-hole designed stock and grip

- Stock can adjust for length of pull

- Top picatinny rail segment for scopes and optics

Package Includes:

- G&G G96 Gas Powered Sniper Rifle

- 1x 15 round gas magazine

- Operator's manual

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