Gate TITAN V2 Advanced Drop-in Airsoft AEG MOSFET w/ USB-Link


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The Gate TITAN V2 is a drop-in MOSFET which will transform your AEG into an advanced training weapon system. Gain a tactical advantage thanks to the extremely fast trigger response, adaptive active breaking, configurable fire selector and many other useful functions. Give your AEG a new lease of life.

TITAN V2 Advanced Module comes with the Advanced Firmware installed in the MOSFET system.  This updated firmware gives you additional features and adjustment options that aren't available in the Basic set.


  • Drop-in airsoft MOSFET system for Version 2 AEG gearboxes
  • Wide variety of functions and is dedicated for those who like complex solutions
  • Enables access to the statistics and TITAN World Rankings
  • Adjustable trigger sensitivity
  • Pre-cocking boost
  • Configurable Fire Selector mode
  • Burst Mode
  • Rate of Fire Control
  • Low battery warning
  • Battery protection
  • Sniper delay
  • Smart Trigger
  • Trigger Sensitivity Adjustment: Five optical trigger sensors allow you to control trigger sensitivity. You don't have to disassemble your AEG. Just use the Tactical Programming Card or connect to the GATE Control Station App via Blu-Link or USB-Link to adjust the trigger to your preferences and skill level.
  • Selector Modes (Generation 2): Two selector sensors allow you to take advantage of up to 343 selector mode variations, depending on firmware edition. The following modes are available for selection
  • 2-Stage Trigger: Enables you to set two different trigger sensitivities. Pulling the trigger slightly produces SEMI or BURST fire. Pulling it further produces BURST or AUTO fire. Select your sensitivity preferences for each stage.
  • Pre-Cocking (Generation 2.0): Victory in the game is often a matter of fractions of seconds. Thanks to Pre-Cocking, you gain a trigger reaction similar to a real gun. This allows for initial spring compression, which speeds up trigger response significantly.
  • Magazine: This feature allows for simulating magazines of lower capacity than actually used. Depending on Firmware Edition, allows you to set a simulation of magazine capacity from 1 BB up to 250 BBs. Even if you have a high-capacity magazine, this function lets you truly increase the realism of your game by imitating that your magazine is real-cap. Then, after a predetermined number of BBs is shot, you will have to wait for a previously defined amount of time before the next shot can be fired as if you were really replacing an empty magazine with a full one. In the case of ADVANCED and EXPERT Firmware, you can also set Low Ammo Warning.
  • Series Safety Limit: Enables to set a predefined number of BBs fired in a single series. It can be used as protection against trigger jams. In case of emergency, you can stop the series by switching the selector position.
  • Sniper Delay: It lets you set the delay between shots or series to simulate the delay from reload or recoil. You can set the delay to 0.2 s, 0.5 s, 1 s, 2 s or 3 s for ADVANCED firmware and 0.01-5 s for EXPERT firmware.
  • ROF Control: Enables the reduction of a gun's rate of fire. You can use stronger batteries and still have a ROF exactly as you like. Depending on firmware edition, you can choose between Adaptive, Manual PWM, Manual Delay, and Manual Delay + PWM
  • Smart Trigger: We know how vital fast trigger response during combat is. That's why we've developed the Smart Trigger function, which enables you to achieve faster trigger response. It works with the ROF Control System. During the first shot, the microprocessor sets the ROF control to 100%. After the first shot, it switches to a previously programmed value (e.g. 50%). As a consequence, the first shot is fired at a full ROF and subsequent shots at a reduced ROF. The best results can be achieved when using a battery with above standard voltage. For example, if you™re using a 7.4 V battery, you can replace it with a 11.1 V one. This way, you will achieve faster trigger response with the same rate of fire than with a standard battery.
  • Battery Protection: Protection against battery over-discharge. Modern LiPo and LiFe batteries are very sensitive to over-discharge. If you do not want to damage the battery and you care about its service life, this protection is indispensable. The microprocessor is constantly monitoring battery voltage. When voltage drops to a critical level, it will not allow firing. The number of battery cells can be detected automatically.
  • Low Battery Warning: When battery voltage drops to a predefined level, the motor will vibrate at regular intervals. The user is warned 5 times before the battery is discharged. Each warning is communicated by 3 vibrations: HIGH MID HIGH.
  • Active Brake: Adjust the motor™s braking power according to your needs. Choose breaking value manually or set the Adaptive Active Brake. It will stop the piston in the front position, which eliminates unnecessary stresses, increasing the service life of the gearbox and its parts.
  • Equalizer: The drop-in module can be used with batteries up to and including 14.8V LI-PO. The minimum operating voltage is 3V and maximum is 17V.
  • Cycle Detection: Thanks to the gear sensor, TITAN precisely detects where the cycle should finish. Therefore, even the shortest trigger action produces at least one full cycle. The optical sector gear sensor counts each tooth of the gear, so it's possible to use all types of gears: Infinite Torque-up, DSG, SSG, 19-tooth, and standard ones. In EXPERT Firmware, you can select the cycle manually.
  • Notifications Settings: You can enable or disable information and warning vibrations, and make your gun stealthy.
  • Profiles: Allows to access and switch between 3 different profiles customized for different preferences on the battlefield. Available in EXPERT firmware.
  • The TITAN is NOT compatible with the WARFET programming card

    Package Includes:

      • Gate TITAN V2 Advanced Module AEG MOSFET
      • USB-Link for Gate Control Station App
      • USB-A to Micro USB cable
      • USB-C to Micro-USB cable
      • Quick start guide
      • Installation Kit

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