JeffTron Micro Active Brake II AEG Airsoft MOSFET


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  • Dimensions: 27mm x 10mm x 7mm
  • Battery Compatibility: 17 V (NiMH 8.4V-14,4V, LiPo 7.4V-14.8V, LiFe 9.9V-13.2V)
  • Compatibility: Designed for all AEG gearboxes
  • Professional made MOSFET with active braking for AEG airsoft rifles
  • Very small device dimensions - designed to fit nearly anywhere
  • Pre-soldered wires allow for faster and easier installation
  • Wiring and accessories are included if you're not familiar with soldering circuit boards
  • Board covered by conformal coating, it protect device against water
  • Designed for M150 springs and above
  • Made to increase an AEG's rate of fire, trigger response and battery efficiency
  • Active braking uses the excess energy from the motor to stop it and prevent over spinning
  • Active braking is ideal for using higher torque motors
  • No current consumption in the idle mode
  • No sparking on switch contacts
  • A functional gearbox cut off lever, selector plate, reverse latch, trigger and trigger block is needed for proper use

Package Includes:

  • JeffTron Micro Active Brake II AEG Airsoft MOSFET
  • Wire set & connectors

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