UX Big Blast Soda Bottle Target Cap Set by UMAREX - Red

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The Big Blast Cap Target Inflator is a fun way to use a non-explosive target that merely operates by air pressure. With a Big Blast Cap you can pump air into a plastic bottle. We recommend up to 80 psi depending on the weather and size of the bottle. You place it down range at least 60 feet away and shoot it with a projectile. The pressurized air immediately disperses to normalcy creating a "boom" as the air molecules rush out into the normal atmospheric pressure.


    • Caps are made with a high strength polymer
    • Help improve one's marksmen skill with a inexpensive, safe and fun reactive target
    • The caps allow for easy pressurization and are compatible with most athletic ball air pumps or compressors
    • Designed work with any threaded beverage bottles (ie. most soda bottles)
    • Caps can be reused and feature a lanyard loop so it can be tied to something
    • Big Blast Caps are easy to use - screw it on, pump it up and shoot
    • Less expensive alternative to other reactive / "explosive"-type targets
    • Shoot pressurized bottles with any projectile that travels 700 FPS or more
    • Can be shot with firearms of all calibers, airguns and crossbows
    • Add extra visual effect by adding water or powder into the bottles

      Package Includes:

        • 10x Big Blast Bottle Caps
        • 2x inflation needles
        • Mesh protection bag

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