A&K Full Metal M249 MKII SAW Airsoft Machine Gun w/ Drum Magazine

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A&K Full Metal M249 MKII SAW Airsoft Machine Gun w/ Drum Magazine

A&K Full Metal M249 MKII SAW Airsoft Machine Gun w/ Drum Magazine

The A&K M249 is your best bet for a light machine gun to fill that squad automatic weapon (SAW) role in your team. Originally based on the Belgium FN Minimi, the M249 was designed to meet the U.S. military’s need for a weapon that can boost the firepower of a squad. The M249 gave infantry squads the volume of fire of a machine gun with the accuracy and portability of a standard issue rifle.

The A&K M249 features full metal construction where it counts, which includes: the lower receiver, feed tray and cover, the barrel, barrel assembly and built-in bipod. While the stock, handguard and pistol grip are a very durable plastic. This mix of plastic and metal components gives the SAW a good weight, while still being light enough for players to carry. Along with a very durable support weapon, the M249 comes with a 2,500 round box magazine. With 2,500 rounds, you wouldn’t have to worry about changing magazines in the middle of a firefight – just set up and let loose to keep opposing players’ heads down. However, should you ever find yourself running out of BBs you can, just like on the real one, use M4/M16 magazines to stay in the game.

Internally, the M249 has a redesigned and reinforced 8mm bearing gearbox - making it just as durable internally as it is externally. With steel gears and an updated high torque motor, A&K’s M249 can easily handle sustained use – good for trigger happy of players, bad for the opposing team.

Package Includes: A&K M249 MKII SAW, 2500 round box magazine, 9.6 battery and charger, manual, and a cleaning/un-jamming rod


Metal Spring Guide
Folding Metal Bi-pod
Redesigned Gear Box
New Hop-Up Chamber Design
8mm Bearing Gear Box


Length: 1055mm
Muzzle Velocity: 300-396 fps
Magazine Capacity: 2500 rounds
Battery: Mini Type


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