AGM Full Metak MK416 RIS Airsoft Gun AEG with Crane Stock

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AGM Full Metal MK416 AEG with Free Float RIS Crane Stock

AGM Full Metal MK416 AEG with Free Float RIS Crane Stock

Developed in collaboration with the U.S. Army’s Delta Force, Heckler and Koch designed the HK 416 assault rifle to be an improved and more reliable alternative to the standard issue M4. Fitted with a piston gas system, it greatly increased the overall reliability of the firearm and the longevity of its parts. In 2004, Delta Force adopted the HK 416 along with several other special forces units across the globe.

AGM’s MK416 is one of the more ideal and affordable option for players looking to get their hands on a 416 style AEG that will not break the bank. The gun features a full metal free float RIS, which is connected to the MK416’s metal body. This creates, both, a solid rail system for attachments and a full length top rail for any assortment of optics and sights. The pistol grip is slimmed down and lightly textured making it far more ergonomic to regular M4/M16 pistol grips. And the stock is designed similarly to its real-counterpart, a modified crane stock design that is slightly longer and features a comfortable, rubber stock pad.

Internally, The AGM MK416 comes with a full metal, reinforced version 2 gearbox. It utilizes metal internals and a metal one-piece hop-up unit making it very durable, for an out of the box AEG. The internals are TM compatible and can be upgraded if the operator wishes too. Strong internals, coupled with a full metal construction and CQB length barrel make s this AEG an ideal choice for players who wish to have a tactical and modern looking gun that can be adaptable to a variety of skirmishing situations.


  • Semi automatic and full automatic fire modes

  • 380-400 FPS with .20g BB

  • Metal Construction

  • Full Metal Ver. 2 Gearbox and Internals

  • Adjustable Flip-up Front and Removable Rear Sights

  • Free Float Rail System

  • Monolithic Top Rail

  • Multi-Directional Sling Attachment Plate

  • 6-Postion Collapsible Modified Crane Stock

  • Stock can house Crane Stock type, Butterfly type and small Lipo batteries

  • 300rd high capacity magazine

Package includes:

  • AGM MK416 AEG

  • 1x 300rd Hi-Cap Magazine

  • Instruction Manual

  • Rechargeable Crane Stock Type Battery and Wall Charger

  • Tactical Sling

  • Small pack of 100 bbs (Not recommended for use)

  • Cleaning/unjamming rod

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