AGM Full Metal MP40 WWII Airsoft Submachine Gun AEG - Black / Brown


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AGM Full Metal MP40 WWII Airsoft Submachine Gun AEG - Black / Brown

AGM Full Metal MP40 WWII Airsoft Submachine Gun AEG

Designed by Nazi Germany in the late 1930s, the MP40, sometimes incorrectly called as the Schmeisser, was a submachine gun that saw prolific use throughout World War II. For most of the the war, the submachine gun was issued out to Germany's Fallschirmjäger (paratrooper) regiments and German Army platoon and squad leaders. Its small size, with the use of the under folding stock, and its fast, yet manageable, rate of fire made this weapon perfect for close quarter engagements. However, after the Battle of Stalingrad, the German military switched tactics and began to issue them en-mass to selected assault platoons to provide overwhelmingly high volumes of fire against their opposition.

The AGM MP40 is an excellent replica of the famous World War II submachine gun. Featuring full metal and bakelite plastic construction, this AEG feels extremely solid - perfect for both collectors and skirmishers. Just like its real counter-part, the AGM MP40 features a under-folding skeleton stock that securely locks into its folded or extended position. The benefit of the folding stock, with its overall small design, makes this gun perfect for close quarter games. The magazine release is very beef and easy to reach to make changing magazines a quick and simple task. The MP40 features front and rear sling mounts to route the, included, tactical sling and easily carry the gun. The AGM MP40 features a full metal, reinforced, custom gearbox that offers reliable performance. Given its price point, the MP40 from AGM is an excellent option for avid fans of World War II weaponry and want something more unique to tackle the airsoft field with.


- Full metal construction

- Custom, full metal reinforced gearbox

- Safe, semi-automatic and full automatic fire modes

- Velocity: 385-395 FPS with .20g BBs

- Overall length (retracted): 24.5" / 62.23 cm

- Overall length (extended): 33" / 83.82 cm

- Weight: 6.55 lbs / 2.97

- Adjustable hop up system

- Accurate 1:1 replica of the MP40 sub machine gun

- Underfolding skeleton stock

- Functioning charging handle and bolt

- Fixed front and rear iron sights

- Immitation bakelite finish

- Front and rear sling mounts

- Battery is housed inside the body of the gun

Package includes:

- AGM MP40 Airsoft Submachine Gun

- 1x 55 round mid-cap magazine

- 8.4v battery and wall charger

- Speed loader

- Barrel plug

- Sample pack of BBs

- Tactical Sling

- Instruction manual

- Cleaning / unjamming rod

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