Airsoft Innovations MASTER MIKE Gas Powered 40mm 100rd Greande Shell

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The brand new Master Mike blast shell features a MASSIVE spread — a 10ft diameter at 20ft — with a 60ft range, 220fps muzzle velocity, and 100bb capacity. Exceptional performance for medium and long range engagements, the Master Mike is the most effective medium-range gas powered blast shell in the world!

Orders come with Master Mike Shell, safety cap, grenade oil & a patch! Very limited quantity available - get yours before we run out...!

  • CNC machined and heavy cast metal construction
  • Gas powered airsoft grenade shell
  • Length: 3.66" / 93 mm
  • Velocity: 220 FPS
  • Capacity: 100 BBs
  • Range: 60 ft. with a 10 ft. spread
  • Quantum Drive for consistent performance
  • Fires 100 BBs in 0.5 seconds
  • 10 ft. spread at 20 ft. - ideal for multiple targets
  • Easy to reset - simply fill with BBs & gas
  • Compatible with most 40mm airsoft launchers
  • Safety cover included to prevent accidental discharge
  • Comes with a limited-run PVC morale patch

Package Includes:

  • Airsoft Innovations MASTER MIKE 40mm Airsoft Shell
  • Airsoft Innovations Grenade Oil
  • Limited-run AI PVC patch
  • Safety cap
  • Instruction manual

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