Airsoft Innovations Tornado Timer Airsoft BB Grenade - Black

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Airsoft Innovations Tornado Timer Airsoft BB Grenade - Black

Airsoft Innovations Tornado Impact Airsoft BB Grenade

Airsoft Innovations Tornado Grenade is the very first reusable and reliable airsoft BB grenade available. Using a CNC machined aluminum core and reinforced polymer shell, the AI Tornado is built to be tough and can easily handle being tossed around during high intensity games. Using a improved triggering system, the grenade is designed to go off consistently after 3 seconds. When the grenade "detonates" it will spin and blast its payload of 200 BBs in a 360 degree pattern, completely saturating the target area - ensuring multiple hits. This makes the grenade perfect for situations where players need to clear rooms, bunkers and other hard points.


- High strength polymer and CNC machined aluminum construction

- Green gas powered airsoft grenade

- Can hold up to 200 6mm BBs

- Improved, consistent 3 second timer

- Full 360 degree BB coverage when activated

- Extremely durable

- Simple to assemble and use

- Easy to render safe after games

Package Includes:

- Airsoft Innovations Tornado Timer Grenade

- Firing mechanism and pin

- AI Tornado silicone oil

- User manual


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