Airsoft MOLLE Tactical Chest Rig


Color: ACU Digital Camouflage
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Airsoft MOLLE Tactical Chest Rig

Airsoft MOLLE Tactical Chest Rig


Chest rigs are lightweight and versatile pieces of gear. While they won’t hold as much as a full-sized plate carrier, they are smaller and less cumbersome. The MOLLE Tactical Chest Rig extends this versatility by eliminating integrated magazine pouches in favor for MOLLE webbing. This allows the user to attach any number of pouches to their desired configuration. The chest rig has no back panel, so it maximizes breathability and maneuverability - making this ideal to wear in hot weather. The shoulder and waist straps are adjustable for most body sizes. The shoulder straps are padded and have MOLLE webbing for attaching of communication systems, small knives, pens and other small items. This MOLLE chest rig is a great option for players looking for a lightweight, modular and affordable tactical platform to begin a load out.



- Standard MOLLE webbing allows for the attachment of MOLLE pouches

-Accepts 10" x 12" plates with operator cuts

- Padded shoulder straps

- Adjustable/detachable shoulder and waist straps to accommodate width and height adjustment

- Flexible size, one size fits most


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