ANM Tactical Airsoft MOLLE Tactical Vest


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Airsoft MOLLE Tactical Vest Desert Camouflage

Airsoft MOLLE Tactical Vest Desert Camouflage

The tactical vest is one of the most basic and simplest platforms to begin a kit for airsoft. However, unlike most load bearing vests that integrated pouches and holsters, this Tactical Vest has replaced the entire front and back surfaces with MOLLE webbing. This allows for modularity and interchangeability of pouches and the designing of a more unique, individual load out.

The front of the MOLLE Tactical Vest has 10 rows of standard MOLLE, while the back has 7 rows. This allows the wearer to attach any pouches, in any configuration to suit their personal needs and comfort. The vest also contains an internal mesh pocket inside the back panel that can be used to hold a hydration bladder. The vest is highly adjustable in both the sides and the shoulders, and can be adjusted to fit most body sizes. While the vest may not include a belt, like most tactical vests, it has the ability to hold one if need be - via velcro and button snap belt loops. The MOLLE Tactical Vest is a great option for anyone who is familiar with MOLLE gear but wishes to save money or simply want a lightweight, modular kit.


- Standard MOLLE webbing allows for the attachment of MOLLE pouches

- Heavy duty zipper and quick-release buckles to insure secure fit

- 10 web straps on the front, 7 on the back and 5 on the sides for full customization

- 1 nylon mesh internal pocket on the back for hydration bladders

- 2 nylon mesh internal map pockets for storage of document, map and other survival items

- Heavy duty rescue drag handle

- Front and back Velcro system for ID patches

- Snap and Velcro belt loops for utility belt attachment (utility belt not included)

- Adjustable straps and padded shoulders for most accommodating width and height adjustment

- Flexible size, one size fits most


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