Airsoft Tactical Belt Pistol Holster Right Hand


Color: Desert Camouflage
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Airsoft Tactical Belt Pistol Holster Right Hand 

Airsoft Tactical Belt Pistol Holster Right Hand 

Tactical holsters are ideal for players who run pistols as their secondary. They safely and securely retain a user's pistol and allows them to readily draw it out when they need to. Attaching your holster to a tactical belt is the simplest and most cost effective option. It places the pistol at an easy to reach location, ensuring a faster draw and reholster. The holster utilizes a buckle strap to safely secure most common sizes of handguns. There is also a spare magazine pouch integrated on the holster.


- Made from lightweight durable polyester with PVC coating

- Belt pistol holster

- Works on any belt up to 2” wide

- Fits most pistols

- Versatile design

- Can strap on your belt either vertical on your side or horizontal on the back of your belt

- Extra magazine pouch on the front edge of the holster

- Designed for comfort and quick draw




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