Airsoft Tactical Leg Holster with Web Straps


Color: ACU Digital Camouflage
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Airsoft Tactical Leg Holster with Web Straps

Airsoft Tactical Leg Holster with Web Straps



Tactical holsters are ideal for players who run pistols as their secondary. They safely and securely retain a user's pistol and allows them to readily draw it out when they need to. The Tactical Leg Holster places the pistol and holster on the user's thigh and in the general area where the hand will naturally stay at. This makes leg holsters more comfortable to draw from as you are not bending your arm uncomfortably to reach your pistol.

The holster is secured to the wearer's leg via two adjustable leg straps with a rubber lining to keep the system from moving around. It also features a thumbreak design that makes drawing the pistol quick and easy. There is also a pouch on it that can be used to hold an extra pistol magazine or small tools. Due to its wrap around velcro design it can hold most small sub machine guns, PDWs and various sized pistols (with or with out accesories).


  • Adjustable thumb break designed for quick draw

  • 6.5” x 4.5” wrap-around Velcro panel and double Velcro straps used to adjust fit and secure pistol

  • Web straps for attachment of additional web accessories

  • Two fully adjustable leg straps with non-slip rubber lining and quick release buckle

  • 2” wide Velcro strap designed to fold up at bottom for adjusting the holster length

  • Holster with adjustable Velcro custom fit for UZI, MP5 pistol or medium to large fully equipped pistols with laser/flashlight Accessories

  • Extra spare magazine pouch



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