Angel Custom G2 SUS304 6.01mm WE-TECH Airsoft GBBR Tightbore Inner Barrel

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Length: SCAR / PDW / AK74 UN - 270mm
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Angel Custom G2 6.01mm Inner Barrel Series are the pinnacle of quality and performance in the Airsoft Industry. Utilizing advanced machining technology with premium grade materials, these inner barrels stand out in both quality and performance.

After considerable testing and R&D, SUS304 stainless steel was chosen for its qualities that it gives to the application of barrel manufacturing. Despite its higher cost and manufacturing complexity, SUS304 stainless steel provides a degree of hardness, durability, and resilience to ensure the barrel retains its consistency and accuracy even after tens of thousands of rounds. Other qualities of SUS304 stainless steel is that it has natural scuff, corrosion, and weather resistant qualities making it easier to maintain for years of reliability. Each barrel is crafted using precision machinery; a high polish and precision crowning provide peak performance.


  • High quality SUS304 Stainless Steel construction
  • Compatible with all non-NG3 WE Airsoft Gas Blowback Rifles
  • Diameter: 6.01mm
  • Designed to improve shot grouping and accuracy
  • Tighter bore barrel allows more air behind the BB and increase power by 20~50 FPS (varies pending barrel length)
  • Will boost your WE-TECH GBBR's range performance
  • Milled channels to secure barrel onto the hop up unit
  • Angled window for reducing wear on the hopup bucking
  • High strength & durability with rust, stain, weather resistance
  • CNC milled and tapered crown
  • Precision processing and surface polishing
  • Minimizes vibration during rapid fire for consistent accuracy and range

**NOTE** These inner barrels are compatible with all non-NG3 WE Airsoft Gas Blowback Rifles and will NOT be compatible with NG3 hopup units / NG3 bucking.  The bore of this barrel is so tight around the BB that even the smallest obstruction in the barrel will cause a jam when fired. This barrel is recommended ONLY for advanced/experienced players that take the responsibility to clean their barrels regularly in order to avoid jams.


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