ANM Tactical MOLLE Hydration Carrier with Bladder - ACU


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ANM Tactical MOLLE Hydration Carrier with Bladder - ACU

ANM Tactical MOLLE Hydration Carrier with Bladder

Whether you are playing short pick up games or weekend long operations the ANM Tactical MOLLE Hydration Carrier is here to keep you hydrated - no matter the situation. Made with heavy duty tactical nylon, this water carrier is very tough and really durable. It can be mounted to almost any MOLLE platform allowing players to carry an ample amount of water on their tactical vests and plate carriers. The carrier itself sports MOLLE webbing on its surface giving airsofters the option to attach extra pouches and gear. Comes with a 3-liter hydration bladder with drinking hose.


- Heavy duty tactical nylon construction

- Can be mounted to any MOLLE platform

- Perfect for staying hydrated during long airsoft games

- Extra MOLLE webbing for additional pouches

- Comes with a 3-Liter water bladder with drinking hose

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