BONEYARD - Win Gun M9 Tactical Co2 Non-Blowback Airsoft Pistol (Non-Working, Used or Refurbished)

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BONE YARD: Non-Working, Store Display, Used or Refurbished Airsoft / Airguns.

The Win Gun M9 Tactical non-blowback airsoft pistol is an excellent side arm for people looking for a high power, Co2 powered airsoft pistol.  Clocking close to 400 FPS with .20g BBs, this great for target shooting - even at longer ranges.

Bone Yard products are considered non-functioning, refurbished, damaged, used and / or generally not considered brand items.  Bone Yard products are ideal for those who are tech savvy to build up and repair.  These can also be used to be used as spare parts for maintaining airsoft / airgun replicas that you own.  Due to the lower price, these will be perfect for props for productions looking for affordable replicas.


By purchasing this item you are agreeing to the following:  ALL SALES ARE FINAL for any Bone Yard products.  These will NOT be accepted for returns or by covered under any warranty.  Bone Yard products are sold as is and may not come with all the items / accessories that will come in a brand new one.  Condition and functionality will vary - ranging from possibly working to non-functioning.  These products will be used and are not considered brand new.  The images may not reflect the actual condition of the product.

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