Bravo Tactical Compact Full Seal Airsoft Sport Goggles

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The Bravo Compact Goggle employ many features that you would normally find on a high quality pair of goggles that can easily be 3 times the price. The lenses are housed by a high quality polymer frame that features enough flex to be comfortably worn while still being rigid enough to be durable and stay on the users face without any issues. The full seal will protect against the elements and prevents BB's from coming in. Air Vents featured on the top and bottom of the goggle to to prevent fogging as well as to ensure a comfortable fit. Altogether, these goggles have great features that will protect your eyes. The frame on this pair of goggles come in a black finish.


  • High strength polymer frame with a shatter resistant poly-carbonate lens
  • Adjustable elastic nylon head strap for optimal fit and comfort
  • High cut, low profile frame for improved clearance when aiming down sights
  • Compact design is ideal for use with lower face protection
  • Ventilated frame reduces fogging
  • Rubberized liner provides excellent full seal protection
  • Ergonomic, light weight and comfortable
  • Can be worn with head and face protection such as mesh masks and helmets

**NOTE** Airsoft N More recommends players to wear lower face masks and / or other head gear when on the airsoft field.  Different fields will have different safety requirements.  Be sure to check with your local field's rules for what is allowed for eye and face protection.

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